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Officiant Services


Situations happen! You prepare for everything and anticipate that your day will go perfectly. And we want to make sure that you have everything you dream of...including the wedding ceremony.

Let me tell you about an event that happened a few years back. As the entertainment, we were all set up for the reception and the ceremony...the music was playing and the guests were arriving. Everyone but the Officiant...he was caught in a traffic jam on the freeway and was still a half hour away. The bride was getting anxious and the guests were uncomfortable (the wedding was in August in the hot sun).

So after 15 more minutes Alan stepped up and mentioned to the bride that, even though he wasn't ordained, he had provided entertainment in so many weddings (and he was wearing a tuxedo), that he felt he could perform the ceremony. It wouldn't be legal, but they can at least have a ceremony and then move on to the reception and everybody would be happy. (Of course, they would have to REALLY get married either when the hired Officiant arrived or at the courthouse). The bride was so happy and decided to have the ceremony with Alan officiating.

As the wedding party was getting lined up, the 'real' Officiant arrived and performed the ceremony.

This was a wonderful opportunity, because it allowed us to realize the need for a 'back-up' service. As a Disc Jockey, MC and Entertainer, we bring back-up equipment and back-up personnel (we provide two people at every wedding), it only seemed logical to offer a back-up service as well.

So just after this incident, both Alan and Debbie became Ordained and can now LEGALLY perform ceremonies in California. It is an honor to be part of this special event and work with our couples from the very start of their new lives together.

If you need an Officiant, we can provide that service either separately OR in conjunction with our entertainment services.  Oh, and rest assured that if you have hired Amazing Sounds as your entertainment and your officiant is unable to make it, we can legally step in for them.